Year-Round Apples

  1. McIntosh

  2. Excellent for eating fresh. Green apple with a red splash; juicy and mildly tart that sweetness as it ripens.

  3. Red Delicious

  4. Excellent in salad, but not recommended in cooking. Firm, sweet and juicy with five bumps on the bottom.

  5. Golden Delicious

  6. Great choice for applesauce and snacks. Firm and juicy whose slices keep their shape when baked in pies.

  7. Empire

  8. Ideal for snacks and applesauce. Juicy, firm, crunchy and sweet.

  9. Ida Red

  10. Ideal for munching or oven baking. Keeps it’s great tart flavour when oven baked. Firm, tart and juicy.

  11. Royal Gala

  12. ideal for eating fresh. Sweet, grainy with a mild flavour.

  13. Spartan

  14. Good for eating fresh. Crisp and juicy making it a great pie filling.

  15. Crispin

  16. Excellent for snacks and juice. Delicious in pies and chunky sauces. Sweet and sharp flavour.

  17. Fuji

  18. Great for eating fresh. Sweet and crisp. Long shelf life of 5-6 months.

  19. Spy

  20. Excellent for pies and baking. Crisp, firm and tart.

  21. Cortland

  22. Cortland has very white flesh and is an excellent baking and dessert apple.

    Seasonal Apples

  1. Honeycrisp

  2. Best eaten fresh. Crisp texture, aromatic and sweet flavour.

  3. Tolman Sweet

  4. Excellent for cider and baking apples. Firm, moderately juicy and sweet.

  5. Jersey Mac

  6. Good for eating fresh and cooking. Crisp and juicy with a tart flavour.

  7. Early Mac

  8. Good for eating fresh. A tender and pleasant flavouring.

  9. Yellow Transparent

  10. Good for drying, sauce and juice. Crisp, light-textured, juicy and sweet flavour.

Understanding The Apples:

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